How to Create a Facebook Business Page in 2020: DIY Automation Download

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How to create a Facebook business page in 2020. Get an insider tips and tricks to grow your business to reach and connect with 2 billion+ waiting customers on Facebook. To do this with a simple automation is the best bet for smart business owners.

Creating a Facebook business page is an important action for businesses of all sizes and even for professionals who want to invest in personal marketing. Today, social networks acts as channels for dissemination, interaction, sales, in addition to establishing a network of business contacts.

Knowing how to create a Facebook page The Right Way is the first step in creating relationships with existing customers and potential customers.

Can I be honest with you? Creating a successful Facebook page is no longer a matter of choice, but a fight for business survival.

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In this article, you will learn How to Create Your Facebook Business Page the right way, Plus a FREE Facebook Marketing Tool Download as a  bonus.

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The mistake many companies make is to create the page and hope that this is enough. In other words, abandoning the “poor things” there, without any updates.

Do you agree with me that if you go to a business page on Facebook and don’t find what you need, you will not look for another one immediately?

Many potential consumers are like these, they are easily irritated with lackluster businesses.

Since the competition on most popular social networks on the web is quite fierce. Therefore, promoting your work and generating content that really interests your audience is very, very essential.

Check out, in this article, how to create a Facebook page for your company and succeed in the strategy.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page and the Importance of Facebook Pages for Businesses

laptop screen on facebook business creation page

Let’s go to a practical example: how many times a day do you open your Facebook app or website?

If you have an account on this social network, you probably do this more than once. Am I right?

This habit is shared by billions of people around the world. And look, I’m not exaggerating.

According to updated data from the Statista website, Facebook has already passed 2.38 billion users.

In Brazil alone, the third country with the most social network profiles, more than 130 million people are already connected.

There is a sea of real opportunities to reach your audience on a platform where users have high levels of interest and engagement.

Do you need any more reason to be more serious with Facebook?

If so, here are a few more to convince you to grow your business on Facebook :

  • You can build your company’s identity, as well as convey your style and values ​​to shape a positive image of your brand
  • It is a great channel to interact with people interested in your products and services. 
  • It is also a way to better understand your audience’s doubts, interests, needs, preferences and to adjust sales strategies
  • It helps your business to be found more easily within Facebook. Facebook users can search for products or services they need and, thus, find your company.
  • Improves your business’s positioning on Google search results
  • It’s a good place to sell, especially now that it offers an exclusive marketplace to bring sellers and buyers together
  • Even when you or your team are not available online, you can create automatic responses to deal with users’ anxiety.
  • Facebook helps you to humanize your brand.
  • Finally, Facebook offers an ad platform called Facebook Ads. A tool to serve paid, personalized, and very well-targeted business ads.

Indeed, Creating a successful Facebook page is no longer a matter of choice, but a fight for business survival.

That’s because when you position your business on Facebook, you can interact and win your target market audience. 

And so you can exchange experiences and pass on useful information to other businesses who are interested to identify with your brand.

How to create your Facebook page in 6 steps

girl in cafe accessing facebook by laptop

To learn how to create a business page on Facebook, you just need to have the basic information about your business at hand.

Just follow these simple steps:

1. Access Facebook with your personal account

laptop on office desk with male hand accessing Facebook by smartphone

All Facebook pages which are also called company pages or fan pages are managed by at least one Facebook profile.

So, you need access to your own Facebook account to get started. Thus, your business page should be linked with your personal account.

Don’t have one yet? Consider creating one.

To create a Facebook account is very simple: just access the URL https://www.Facebook .com and fill in the requested information.

Under “Create a new account” you will see that you have a field to indicate your name, surname, cell or email, password, date of birth, and gender.

Then, just click on “Sign up” and proceed.

2. Click on “Create a page”

Facebook page creation screen

Did you access your personal profile?

So, now, click on the button “Create” that appears in the blue bar at the top of the site.

Then, in the option “Page: connect and share with customers or fans”.

3. Choose a category

magnifying glass on the Create Facebook website page button

On the next page, you will see that Facebook says that, to start, you need to choose a category for your page. This is an important choice so that your business can better integrate with your audience on the social network.

And since your company is a “Business or brand”, you must select this option to continue creating the business page on Facebook.

Click “Get started” to take your next step towards creating your business page on Facebook.

4. How to Create a Facebook Business Page is by Defining a Name for Your Page and Category

laptop accessing the Facebook web social network with notebook next to it

After choosing the category, it is time to fill in some information about your business.

The name of the business page should be the name of your business or, your own name and profession.

Just write a word and the social network itself suggests some options for you to choose. Example: local business.

Once you’ve defined the category of your page, enter the address, city, state, zip code, and, if you want, the phone number.

Don’t want to share your business address with Facebook users? No problem.

Just select the option “Don’t show my address. Just show that this business is located in the city, state ”.

5. Add photos and description

lady accessing facebook publications via tablet

From this step on, it’s time to make the company page look like your business.

Then, you should be ready to add a business profile photo so that people can find you easily.

And then, upload a cover photo that will act as a banner on top of your business fan page.

If you have no image to add, just click on “Skip” and do it later.

As you will see, Facebook makes the user’s experience much easier.

Notice that a welcome message will appear and, below, “Add a short description”. In the description field, describe in a minimum of two sentences what the page is all about.

Click and write quickly about your business page, showing what your company is and what it offers. The description can be up to 255 characters.

Keep in mind is that this step is so important! For your page to rank well on Facebook ’s own search engines supply adequate information in the description field. 

Did you describe it? Now click on “Save”.  You may add more information about your business to help your visitors.

Go to “Edit Page Information” and fill in as many fields as possible.

You may enter a phone number, website, e-mail, interests, address, statement of authorship, biography, awards, among others.

Then, you can include team members and more information about your business and history.

6. Choose a custom Facebook URL

facebook link url

To create a personalized Facebook URL with your name or that of your company, click on “Create @ Username of the Page” in the left corner pane.

A window will automatically open with a filed for you to have a unique username for your Facebook business page.

And, in the field, you will see a placeholder written “@username”: fill it with the username you want.

It can be up to 50 characters, but ideally, it should be shorter.

Then click on “Create username” to see if the name is available. If by chance, your chosen username already being used by another page.  try another one until you are successful.

7. Configure the call-to-action buttons

world map illustration on laptop background and related screen on call-to-action

To make people who visit your company Facebook page perform an action, click on “Add a button”.

With that, you can choose a call to action (CTA) that best fits your business. Examples: Contact us; Send Message; Call now; View offers.

If you sell a product, choose “Buy now”.

If you are offering a service, use “Get in touch with us” or “Know more about our business”.

After making these definitions, you will have to decide where this Call-to-Action button should direct these people.

That is if they should be sent to your email, Messenger, phone, among other options.

Click “Finish” to finish so that your choices are saved.

8. Add the first posts

reactions photo for facebook posts on amartphone

Now that you’ve filled your Facebook business page with the most important information about your business, just write your first few posts.

On your company’s Facebook page, click on “Create post” and write as many posts as you think are relevant to your niche audience.

You can post photos, videos, activities, broadcast live, public events, or offers.

Its time to unleash creativity and produce your own content.

That done, click on “Share now”.

To set a posting frequency and better organize your Facebook publications, I will suggest a good content marketing strategy with Facebook Blaster to automate your work. 

Some Tips on How to Create a Facebook Business Page Successfully

access to facebook on laptop and smartphone

Now, this is the most important part of your business on Facebook. In this step, you will be able to have improved communication with your target audience with the Facebook Blaster Tool.

For that, I iterated some useful tips for the success of your Facebook business page. Check them out:

1. Promote your fan engagement

smartphone illustration about engagement

The Facebook algorithm works like this: the more people like, comment, or share your posts, the greater the reach of your publications.

So, try to ask questions that interact with the people who follow your page, so that these numbers are always on the high side.

2. Invest in visual content

visual content illustration

Content Generally is King. A well-framed photo and video with high visual quality will bring to your business the desired results. And these types of visual content are deserved to be shared with your audience.

It can be recordings of yourself talking about the usefulness of your brand, tips for visitors to your page, or even photos of your company events.

What really matters is the visual content is relevant to your target market niches and be able to attract the attention of the broader segment of people.

Remember, your company’s Facebook page works as a showcase for your business.

Therefore, just write and share content related to your area of expertise. Never mix personal and professional life (LOL), unless you are a self-employed professional or want to become a digital influencer 

If you want to mix personal life and business life try Social Influencing. 

3. Check the best days and times to post

young lady looking on wristwatch while working on laptop

Here’s a golden tip: use Facebook Audience Insights to analyze your audience’s behavior.

The Facebook Blaster Tool is the best for this. Download the software tool that can help you automate everything on Facebook.

Within the platform, you can check who you are, what age group you have, what your affinities are, and even days and times that are most connected.

An interactive tool to gain insight into the people interested in your page.

Thus, you can schedule your posts to be published on days and times when they are online.

4. Promote your page

illustration of people near hourglass accessing digital devices

Have you created your business website or blog or are you on other social networks, besides Facebook? Promote your Facebook business page there.

Also, invite your friends to interact with your new page to improve your user engagements on the most famous social network in the world.

Keep in mind that the more you publicize, the greater the number of visitors to your Facebook page.

And thus, the greater the chances of engagement and positive results for the business.

Conclusion: Download free tool to automate everything while you sleep!

Did you know that creating a Facebook page for your company is simpler than it seems if you do it with automation?

Now Download The All New Facebook laster Software Free now and stay ahead of the competition.

You can’t be looking for materials to grow your business after using this software.

Why? the software is always innovating and introducing new features to improve the experience of its elite users.

Therefore, entrepreneurs who manage to identify these opportunities to generate engagement on their pages on the social network comes out ahead.

Extra tip: see Facebook as a relationship channel with customers and potential customers. And pay attention to each of them, whether in private messages or in comments.

The more you show up, the more likely you are to retain these Facebook users and get referrals.

That’s how to create a Facebook business page in 2020.

So, which of the tips shared in this article seemed most interesting to you?

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10xDrive Review & Rating 2020: Full Detail, Pricing, Comparison & Features

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File sharing platform that allows users to store and share contacts, photos, videos, presentations, recordings and more.

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The former elite companies offer consumer versions of their flagship cloud storage services.

The personal versions of OneDrive and Google Drive include a free tier, with options to upgrade the amount of available storage space for an annual fee.

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The economics are a bit different with Google's plans.

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