10xDrive Review & Rating 2020: Full Detail, Pricing, Comparison & Features

10xDrive Review & Rating 2020: Full Detail, Pricing, Comparison & Features

Why Pay $297/Year on iCloud, Google Drive or Dropbox
When Can Have Secure 1TB Cloud Storage With Powerful Features In Low One Time Price

Product : 10xDrive

Creator : Jai Sharma (also the creator of 10xHosting and Influencer Hub)

Price : $47 during launch and will come back to $197/year after launch

Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes

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Best For
Cloud-based file storage platform that enables individuals and businesses of all sizes to store and share contacts, photos, videos, spreadsheets, presentations and more.

Product Details
File sharing platform that allows users to store and share contacts, photos, videos, presentations, recordings and more.

Contact Details

Moving your shared business files from a local server to the cloud does much more than simply eliminate the headache of managing local hardware. It also enables scenarios that are difficult or impossible to realize using your own private servers.

The cloud computing race in 2020 will have a definite multi-cloud spin.

A well-managed cloud storage service ties directly into the apps you use to create and edit private/business documents, unlocking a host of collaboration scenarios for employees in your organization and giving you robust version tracking as a side benefit.

Any member of your organization can, for example, create a document (or a spreadsheet or presentation) using their office PC, and then review comments and changes from co-workers using a phone or tablet from anywhere in the world.

For all your link, you can share or do whatever you want.

And you can enable custom people to access or password protect.


I am going to compare deals mostly with the business editions of the flagship cloud storage services from Microsoft and Google: OneDrive for Business (part of the Office 365 family) and Google Drive for business (part of G Suite) with 10xDrive Cloud.

The former elite companies offer consumer versions of their flagship cloud storage services.

The personal versions of OneDrive and Google Drive include a free tier, with options to upgrade the amount of available storage space for an annual fee.

So what's the difference between these consumer-focused cloud services and those intended for business? In a word, management.

An organization owns a business subscription, and administrators working on behalf of the organization assign licenses and set file-sharing and retention policies; the organization has ultimate control over stored files, which is important when a company is subject to litigation that requires document preservation.

In a sole proprietorship or a small home-based business (especially a part-time family operation), you can save a significant amount of money with an Office 365 Home subscription. Being fair to Office 365 Home 🙂

For $99 per year, that plan includes the right to share the subscription with up to five other people, each of whom gets 1 TB of cloud storage and the ability to collaborate on Office documents, using a free Outlook.com address instead of an email address in a custom domain.

guess what…

An Office 365 Business Premium plan with those same six users would cost a whopping $900 a year. For a very small business that doesn't have or need an IT shop, that's a lot of money to pay for not much obvious benefit.

(It's worth noting that the most recent terms and services for Office 365 Home and Personal plans include the stipulation that they are for “personal, noncommercial use.”

For very small businesses, that restriction is impossible to enforce. But for larger organizations it's a significant legal red flag.)

The economics are a bit different with Google's plans.

The truth is:

There's no equivalent to the Office 365 Home package. 😉

The closest alternative is a Google One subscription, which allows a small business to pay for a fixed amount of storage and then share it with up to five people, using free Google accounts and Gmail addresses.

The cost is the same as storage add-ons for G Suite Basic, ranging from $2 a month (or $20 per year) for 100 GB of shared storage to $10 a month ($100 per year) for 2 TB.

Google One tiers offering up to 30 TB of shareable storage are available anyway, BUT with a very steep monthly costs.

But as soon as your business requires a custom domain or has to deal with regulatory compliance, the limitations of a consumer service become painfully obvious.

The most sobering shortcoming of all is that Microsoft or Google can shut down that free email account and its associated services anytime, with limited rights of appeal for the affected user.

Here comes 10xDrive…

What is 10xDrive ?
10xDrive Review

With $197 you'll get 1 TB of cloud storage free for ten years. Same security architechture with Powerful Features and arguably the best service ever In Low One Time Price.

In addition to providing new collaborative features, 19xDrive is more secure and often cost less than competitors.

My 10xDrive Review Video (Please Watch)
In order to provide you a correct understanding about the product, i have recorded a full walkthrough video about it. So before you buy, turn on your volume and watch these videos first.

Who is 10x Drive For?
Any marketer at any experience
Especially for those who have large and huge file sharing demand
You want a faster image loading on your own website,landing page,etc
And many more,..
Main Features and Demo of 10xDrive
Now,i will show you exactly how the product works. This is the member’s area once you login.

What do I like most about the product and service?
19xDrive is a new era of synchronisation and storage. By allowing users to store files in the cloud and share files and empowering users to collaboratively edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, the 19xDrive ecosystem is the fastest growing, has attracted more than a million active users.

What one piece of advice would I give other prospective customers?
Of all the cloud storage and file synchronisation services available, 19xDrive is arguably the best. The idea behind it is simple: Place or create a file in 19xDrive and so long as you have access to the internet (or download the offline Chrome extension), you can view and edit files on any compatible device.

10x Drive Reseller license here means you can create accounts for clients and then sell the app as your own product and services.

Bonus From Me
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